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KinetX Aerospace has an impressive record for delivering innovative solutions, on-time, and within budget.

Sometimes, we are faced with unique challenges and have to look beyond the standard processes for solutions.  One such situation occurred while supporting the IRIDIUM satellite communications program.  As part of the test program, the Ground System Antennas were required to be tested from space.  However, the LEO-X launch vehicle blew up on lift-off, destroying any chance of testing the antennas from space.

Grumman Tiger plane simulating satellite track

Leveraging our experience and creativity, KinetX Aerospace identified a suitable solution by putting an IRIDIUM antenna and associated equipment on a Grumman Tiger small airplane.  KinetX Aerospace created an aircraft flight path that simulated the satellite track.  We also rapidly developed multi-threaded software and a heads-up display to assist the pilots with flying the difficult path.  After resolving substantive regulatory issues, we successfully conducted the flight tests using differential GPS in real-time to fly the simulated satellite track.  The entire project was completed in less than a year and uncovered a number of problems with ground antenna locations and pointing, critical to the program’s success.

The KinetX Aerospace Team:

  • Identified a Suitable Solution By Putting IRIDIUM Antenna and Equipment in Grumman Tiger
  • Invented a Flight Path Matching Satellite Motion
  • Worked Substantive Regulatory Issues
  • Developed a Heads-Up Display to Assist Pilots in Flying Difficult Path
  • Used Differential GPS in Real-Time to Fly Path
  • Multi-Threaded Software Developed in Short Time
  • Start to Finish: Less Than One Year, Including Tests
  • Uncovered a Number of Problems With Ground Antenna Locations and Pointing

IRIDIUM® Spacecraft

Another example of our responsiveness occurred when SpaceDev needed a study completed within one month to determine the feasibility of communicating to satellites via IRIDIUM.  The KinetX Aerospace Team used existing in-house tools and developed additional new tools to identify the types of messaging that could be used and the associated issues with each.

We also suggested alternative approaches to SpaceDev that provided a more comprehensive solution to their problem.  All of this work, including an operational check-out, was successfully completed within the one-month timeline.

The KinetX Aerospace Team:

  • Used Existing In-House Tools as Well as Developed Necessary Tools and and Met the Required Timeline
  • Identified Types of Messaging That Could Be Used As Well As the Issues With Each
  • Suggested Alternative Approaches to SpaceDev That Would Provide a More Comprehensive Solution
  • Operational Check-Out and Operations
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