KinetX Aerospace — Providing Visionary, Highly Prized Engineering in Support of Space- and Earth-Based Endeavors



Systems Engineering


KinetX Aerospace provides communications analysis that includes waveform design, link analysis, capacity analysis and adaptive communication analysis in both satellite and terrestrial communications regimes for which communication system resource priorities may differ significantly.  All of the latest waveform modulations including TDMA, FDMA, CDMA, OFDM, MIMO, and combined adaptive modulation methods are included in our analyses capabilities.  KinetX Aerospace has provided MUOS system capacity analysis, CDMA system queuing analysis and multiple access communication planning analysis.  We have also provided IRIDIUM NEXT communication concept architecture development support and link analysis of multi-carrier, multi-access L-Band, K-Band earth link and crosslink link analysis.  We have provided deep space communications development experience for Cassini Saturn Mission using the successful X-Band Deep Space Transponder.

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