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Software Engineering
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KinetX Aerospace Software Engineering and Development (SED) is a dynamic organization focused on providing software solutions that meet customer requirements on-time and within budget.  Our expertise includes a range of software technologies enabling us to solve even the most complex technical problems.  Our involvement can begin at the concept phase and continue through implementation to on-going maintenance and support.

KinetX Aerospace has earned a “preferred” vendor status among our customers.  We are recognized for providing innovative and trusted solutions.  Our business model includes Staff Augmentation (Time and Materials contracts) and Outsourced Custom Solutions (Fixed Price Delivery of custom software).

Depending on your needs, KinetX Aerospace can offer the right software solution for your organization.  We can provide outstanding on-site staff to augment your software team.  We can implement software as an extension of your process, or we can use our own internal processes to develop and deliver software.

KinetX Aerospace and CMMI

At KinetX Aerospace, we believe that the quality and maturity of our development processes have a direct impact on the solutions we provide.  As part of our commitment to continuously improving our capabilities and developing higher levels of process maturity, we follow the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI-DEV v1.3).  CMMI is an industry-recognized suite of products (processes, training, appraisals, etc.) used to provide a common, integrated vision of improvement for an organization including:

  • Common terminology
  • Consistent styles
  • Uniform construction rules
  • Common components

KinetX Aerospace is committed to capability improvement using CMMI as a means for serving our customers better and by demonstrating our competency while preserving our agility and flexibility.

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