KinetX Aerospace — Providing Visionary, Highly Prized Engineering in Support of Space- and Earth-Based Endeavors



Space Navigation and Flight Dynamics

Orbit Estimation & Planning

KinetX Aerospace uses Mirage, a navigational system developed at JPL, and other tools developed in-house to perform Orbit Estimation and Planning.  KinetX Aerospace has developed a number of in-house high-level shell scripts and files within UNIX to integrate a number of Mirage executable modules.  User-defined inputs achieve maximum operability.  Using Mirage and our in-house toolsets, KinetX Aerospace provides extremely accurate spacecraft trajectory and orbit determination for space programs such as TOPEX/Poseidon, Mars Pathfinder, and NEAR.

KinetX Aerospace Orbit Estimation and Planning Capabilities Include:

  • Orbit and trajectory estimation using high fidelity models and a full range of ground-based and GPS data types
  • Orbit requirement analysis and definition
  • Operations orbit studies and analyses
  • Testing and validation of existing software systems
  • Maneuver Targeting
  • Covariance analysis and filter simulations
  • Mean element calculation
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