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Hardware Engineering


The KinetX Aerospace Hardware team comprises Systems, Hardware, and Firmware engineers.  Many have 20+ years of experience in product development.  The team has extensive experience in space, government, and commercial systems with expertise in Wireless RF Communication Systems and Embedded Computing Systems.  Responsibilities are varied, including engineering management, hardware system engineering, architecture definition and development, detailed design, integration, test and verification of electronic systems at the device, unit, frame and system product levels.

The KinetX Aerospace hardware team has a history of solving some of the most difficult challenges in the areas of wireless communication and embedded processing.  Our expertise is based on significant skills in Systems Engineering, Digital, Analog, RF, Mechanical, Embedded SW, FPGA/ASIC, Integration, Test and Verification.  KinetX Aerospace engineers have a background with, and knowledge of ISO, TL9000, and DoD Quality standards.  Using ISO 9001 as a model for HW quality, KinetX Aerospace follows the general principles of focusing on our customers’ needs, requirements, and expectations, using processes to manage activities and related resources, and encouraging continuous improvement.  KinetX Aerospace also has experience leveraging domestic and international 3rd party relationships.  This allows the team to execute small and large scale product development programs.

KinetX Aerospace services range from turn-key solutions to customized engagements to suit varying business and product life-cycle needs, including on/off-site contract employees, deliverables based solutions, or full turn-key product development.  Our modern lab facilities enable the development of product prototype, proof-of-concepts and low volume production.

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